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Cheese (6 varieties)

Cheese (6 varieties)

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Olive oil & sea salt pita crisps - Ricci’s Bikkies

Palmiettes de Croissant ‘French Onion & Tarragon’ - Ricci’s Bikkies

Cows Curd with fresh herbs - YV Dairy

’White Savourine’ white mould goats cheese - YV Dairy

‘Moonshine’ semi hard cow’s milk cheese - Stone & Crow

’The Curfew’ semi hard goat’s milk cheese - Stone & Crow

‘Prom Country Blue’ cow’s milk cheese - Stone & Crow

Pepper Gouda, cow’s milk cheese - Mill Grove Dairy

Dark Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar - Ministry of Chocolate 

Salt Cured Kalamata Olives - Mount Zero Olives

2 pckts Sesh Snacks Nuts - JC’s Quality Foods

Tomato & Red Capsicum Relish - Cunliffe & Waters

Quince Jelly - YV Gourmet Foods

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